Day 17: Always Kiss Goodnight

It is so hard to believe that I have been married for nearly 10 1/2 years! Am I really THAT old?!?! I know, some of you are probably thinking, “Pssh! 10?? Try 16! Or 25!” But, 10 1/2 is still pretty long! I know plenty of marriages that didn’t even make it to 5, much less 10, so I am pretty proud of how far we have made it already! My husband and I have a really great relationship! I’m proud of that too! Relationships are hard! Damn hard! No one ever said it would be easy, though! When I hear of marriages that end not long after they’ve started, it always boggles me. I wonder what went wrong. Didn’t they know something was wrong before making that commitment? Do things really change that drastically in such a short amount of time? Didn’t anyone tell them that marriage is hard? Didn’t they know that they would have to work at it and sacrifice and compromise? It makes me so sad when I see a marriage that didn’t last! It hurts my heart! I especially hate when I meet women who are so unhappy with their marriages, their husbands! I feel bad that they don’t have what I have–a husband who will do anything for them, who spoils them, who supports them in every single thing they want to do, who shares (or really does the majority of) the housework, who equally cares for the children, who prays with them, who carries their purses and goes to Walgreens to buy tampons, who still holds their hand and opens the door and kisses them in public! I am blessed! I am more blessed than I deserve to be sometimes. But isn’t that what marriage is about–giving more of yourself than you thought you had to give?? 

When I got married, I had a little journal that we passed around to everyone at our small, intimate wedding. In that journal, we received some really great advice from our loving family members. There was one piece of wisdom, however, that stuck in  my mind more than the others. It was from my sister-in-law Becky. She wrote some really lovely words, and she ended with, “Never go to bed angry!” Of all the advice that my husband and I have received along the way, I am proud to say that in the 3,805 days that I have been married to my amazing husband, we have not once gone to bed angry at each other! We may have stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to make the situation right, but we have always resolved our issues before falling asleep. Not once has one of us slept on the sofa because we were angry at the other. We have never “taken a break” from each other or gone to our parents’ houses because we needed a separation. We made a vow to each other. We are in this together. Always and forever…

My advice to you is simple: Don’t go to bed angry, and always kiss goodnight!

**Dedicated to my unfathomably amazing husband, my best friend, my partner in this journey we call life.



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