Day 19: Real Friends Don’t Count Chromosomes



Did you know that nearly 90% of babies with Down Syndrome are tragically aborted in the womb? 90%!!! That is absurd! Horrific! Disgusting! Of course, no human life should be aborted, but these numbers are just unbelievable! Did you also know that the “tests” that are offered to “determine” whether an unborn baby has Down Syndrome are very often incorrect? I personally know two mothers who were told (after said testing) that their unborn babies had DS, only to find out, after birth, that these tests had been wrong! How tragic it is that we live in a society that chooses to murder unborn babies based on the possibility that they may simply have an extra chromosome!

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Down Syndrome is the least-funded of all major genetic conditions, although it is the most common. This month (and every month) join me in helping to spread awareness of DS. Let’s celebrate these special lives instead of shunning them or looking the other way and ignoring them.

We are so blessed to know three very special, beautiful little girls, as well as two grown men, who just so happen to each have an extra chromosome, and our lives have been enriched in countless ways because of them. If you don’t have a friend with DS, I am sad for you! You don’t know the love that you’re missing!

One more thing that I would like to add: Choose your words wisely! When you use words like the r-word, you are demeaning those who have special conditions like DS. When you use the r-word as a synonym for stupid, you are implying that all people with special conditions are stupid as well. Maybe it’s not what you meant, but it’s exactly what you are doing! Will you take the pledge to stop using this word, to stop throwing it around in casual conversation, to stop saying it to your friends because they did something dumb? Take the pledge here! I did!


Some facts and information in this blog post were borrowed from:


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