Day 27: Cup O’ What?!?

*Warning: Not for the weary or faint of heart! Men, turn away now! Trust me!

So, the vast majority are going to read this and think one (or more) of the following:
1. You are disgusting!
2. I could never!!
3. Is she really blogging about this?
4. How embarrassing!
5. I will never look at you the same!

And, guess what! If I cared about any of those things, I wouldn’t risk blogging on this topic.

Before I go any further, I will warn you that if the words period, menstrual, tampons, or bleeding make you blush or make you queasy, then you should probably stop reading now!

Ok, so here goes! About four months ago, I read a conversation in one of my Facebook “mom” groups about something called a menstrual cup. At first, I was appalled! I couldn’t believe that something like that actually existed, and furthermore, I couldn’t believe that so many women actually used one! Then, when my favorite mom/baby/natural store Angel Britches (in Baton Rouge in the Mall of Louisiana) advertised their menstrual cups on sale, I decided to give it a shot!!

What is a menstrual cup, you ask? Well, it’s a chemical-free, reusable alternative to tampons! It is used in much the same way as a tampon, except you don’t throw it away!

So, I am sure the “how disgusting”s are starting right about now! Well, let me tell you a few facts:

1. It’s not nearly as disgusting as you are thinking! In the 3 months that I’ve been using the cup, I have never gotten blood on my hands!
2. The cup “collects” monthly fluids, whereas tampons absorb them. However, along with your monthly fluids, tampons also absorb everything else down there that shouldn’t be absorbed, screwing up your natural pH and all that good stuff! 😉
3. I have not had menstrual cramps since I started using the cup! Because tampons absorb instead of collect, they draw out fluids faster than necessary, causing excess cramping!
4. Cups don’t contain any chemicals or fibers that can lead to bacteria growth or infection!
5. Cups are reusable and do not contribute to the massive waste problem we have in this country!
6. TMI Warning: When using tampons, I would have to change an Ultra Tampax Pearl tampon (larger than a Super Plus) every single hour for the two heaviest days of my cycle! With the cup, I can go 12+ hours throughout my cycle with the exception of my heaviest day. On that day, I only change every 6 hours!
7. With the cup, there’s no need to hide tampons in your pockets or carry your purse with you to the bathroom!
8. With a one-time cost of about $30, you can save mega bucks! I was spending nearly $30 per MONTH buying tampons!

So, there you go! All pros and no cons! What are you waiting for?? You should totally try it! I promise you’ll be hooked!

There are several brands out there. The brand I use is the Moon Cup, and I highly recommend it! The Diva Cup is also a very popular brand that I have heard good things about! You can order online or find a local retailer near you!


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